Las Vegas Mobile Billboard Trucks

FLO Advertising offers the biggest and brightest Mobile Digital Billboard truck in the world with the most up-to-date technologies to deliver the most bang for your company’s advertising dollar. With an estimated 17,000 people an hour walking the Las Vegas Strip your ad will stand out from the rest and captivate audiences from around the world.

Our Mobile Digital Billboards allow for more creativity based on responsiveness to market change. With the power of an instant content delivery system, there are no limits on opportunities for changes and updates as needed. FLO Advertising gives you the power to manage your brand in real time! 

Why Use a Mobile Digital Billboard on the Las Vegas Strip?

  • Digital mobile billboards deliver the most direct and impactful solution to your target audience, the Las Vegas tourist, beating out many advertising platforms!
  • FLO Advertising’s digital mobile billboards bring your company up to 4 million impressions a month. That’s up to 1,000,000 unique impressions a week!
  • Research shows that 77% of Las Vegas visitors indicate they have seen a mobile billboard- more than any other form of media! 53% can remember specific advertising featured on mobile billboards!
A billboard truck with a Corona beer advertisement on it in Las Vegas.
A street in Las Vegas with a lot of people and traffic.

Vegas Stats & Facts

  • Las Vegas is the #1 US tourist destination and ranked in the top 5 for international travelers.
  • Typical, monthly visitor volume exceeds 3.2 million people, averaging 42 million tourists per year.
  • There are over 17,000 people walking on the Las Vegas Strip every hour. In comparison, the average Super Bowl attendance is 77,987, which is equivalent to only 4.5 hours of Mobile Billboard viewership on the Las Vegas Strip.
  • The average visitor spends approximately 4.1 hours walking on the Strip, visiting around 6.2 Strip properties.
  • 73% of Las Vegas visitors stay at a Strip property. ( 2.3 million per month )
  • The Las Vegas visitor turnover rate is every 3.5 days.

(Information courtesy of the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority Visitor Statistics Reports)

The Biggest & Brightest

The Biggest & Brightest

With an approximate size of 9′ x 21′ and  a brightness of 10,000 NITs on both sides of our trucks, our boards stand out among the rest!

Real Time Reporting

Real-Time Reporting

We provide Proof of Purchase (POP) reports that document how many times a day your ad was displayed, along with a photo of your ad live on the Strip

Making a Good Impression

Making a Good Impression

With a captive audience on the Las Vegas Strip, our mobile billboards deliver up to 27+ million monthly impressions.